Stucco'N'Stone Hassle Free Warranty

Our Warranty

Stucco’N’Stone offers the most advanced barriers, and the most comprehensive system available on the market today. When you choose our complete system, our waterproofing barriers and membranes will remain waterproof long after the building materials in front of them have exceeded their useful life.

Because of our 13 years of remediation design and installation experience, we offer the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the industry!

Stucco’N’Stone warranties for a period of 5 years which is upgradable to 10 years to the purchaser of our services, that there will be no water seepage through our moisture barrier to the wood substrate. This is not a manufacturer’s warranty, not a product warranty, this is a Stucco’N’Stone warranty. If there is a failure we will fix it for free.