Our Services For All Your Stone Masonry Needs.


Stone Masonry

Stucco’N’Stone specialize in masonry for residential and commercial sectors in the Greater Toronto Area.  With our expertise in brick masonry we will help you with your residential or commercial construction, renovation and repair.

Masonry Restoration

Commercial masonry structures that need restoration require the skills of an experienced, detail-oriented company. Our craftsmen incorporate the beauty and durability of brick, block, stone and other materials to restore new life, stability and aesthetic quality to older buildings.

Masonry Repairs

In addition to masonry restoration, Stucco’N’Stone repairs commercial and residential structures damaged by accidents, weather or other mishaps. Damage assessment and site evaluation create the groundwork for a renovated, stronger, more stable product, often made to look as old and seamless as the original profile.

New Construction

Besides commercial restoration and repair, we excels at new construction, building, creating original structures. We work with brick, block, natural stone, precast stone and other materials to create finished projects that are visually appealing and structurally sound.