Moulding Services

Stucco’N’Stone offers various types of crown moulding. We have access to one of the largest and best selling profile collections available on the market. We specialize in installation of interior trimwork, whether you are renovating your home or just trying to update a few rooms, our selection of trim is suitable for any occasion.

Pre-coated Mouldings

Stunno’N’Stone offers a complete line of pre-coated Styrofoam mouldings. The expanded polystyrene foam (EPS) is shaped using high speed CNC foam cutting machine, which allows us virtually limitless design capabilities. The process is followed by applying self-adhesive fibreglass mesh, and then coated with our unique polymer modified E.I.F.S. cement finish.

EIFS Based Stucco Coating

Our products are coated two times using an EIFS based stucco coating to give it strength and durability. This will allow you to install the moulding and simply paint it using exterior stucco or masonry paint available at your local home improvement outlets. We have wide variety of window trims, window sills, cornices (exterior crown moulding), bands, quoins, columns, bases, caps along with your custom design requests.

Flexible, Moisture Resistant

Our products are flexible, moisture resistant and dimensionally stable. We design them with the focus in mind for a fast and easy installation to help save your time and money. Our mouldings can be applied to stucco, brick, stone or masonry surfaces using Polymer Base Cementations Coat or Foam Friendly Construction Adhesive. All of our products are quality tested to pass harsh weather conditions.